Folklore museums

Folklore Museum“Aletras Building”Κτίριο Αλετρά

Aletras building is found in the central square of Afitos; it was built in 1889 by TriantafyllosAletras. It is considered an important sample of urban architecture expressing the provincial neoclassicism that prevailed in Macedonia in the early 19th century.

Today, this building is used for cultural events. On the ground floor there is a lending library and an exhibition hall that hosts exhibitions organised by the village’s clubs or various artists. In the basement a collection of farming tools is hosted, while on the first floor a traditional house is presented. The museum’s exhibits (furniture, woven products, kitchenware, tools) are courtesy of the village residents.

Folklore Museum“Oikonomou Manor”

The Folklore Museum of Kassandreia was found in 2003. It welcomes you and promises a memory journey into the past of the area. The exhibits give an idea of the life in Kassandreiaduring the previous century. On the first floor a one-room house is represented. The main exhibit is a loom and around it there are many woven textiles made by girls in Kassandreia. In another room of the museum, the visitors can see tools and objects used in various professions. The walls are decorated with many black and white photos depicting landscapes or everyday moments in Kassandra of the previous century.

Folklore Museum of Polichrono

The Folklore Museum was founded in 2014 by the Cultural Association of Polichrono. It is located behind St. Athanasios Church and next to the community office. The museum aims to maintain the cultural and intellectual heritage of the village hosting an exhibition of farming tools, equipment and utensils used for making bread, beekeeping tools and carpentry tools. Textile instruments, everyday household goods and tools, and traditional costumes are also exhibited. In the museum one can also find photographs of the village, historical documents, maps, banknotes and pictures of archaeological findings in the village. The museum has a small library with history books, which is constantly enriched with new titles.