The "jewel" of Northern Greece with its 400 km coastline and rich natural beauty is none other than Halkidiki.

 Three peninsulas that reach the bottom of the Aegean Sea, one of which is the Orchard of Panagia or Mount Athos and the other two Kassandra and Sithonia invite you to discover them. The land part of Halkidiki is overgrown with virgin coniferous forests while it hosts two great rivers, the Havria and the Olynthios. The homeland of the ecumenical philosopher Aristotle, Ancient Stageira, the ancient important city of Olynthos, the Cave of Petralona where the Archangel was found, the Sanctuary of Ammon Zeus, the ancient city of Mendi, great coasts, some delicious local products, museums, museums, museums, only reasons to visit Halkidiki. 

Organized tourist units, high quality accommodation, high standard tourist services within walking distance from Thessaloniki!

 This is Halkidiki! A place that can give you rich summer and winter tourist experiences. Do not leave this opportunity untapped because Halkidiki can give you everything you dream of!


Synonymous with Tourism is the peninsula of Kassandra. An area that can provide the visitor with everything he needs for a dream vacation. Well-known areas that have been attracting tourists and investors since 1970. Coasts that host your coolest dreams, forests that invite you to discover them, archeological sites that travel with unimaginable ease in the past and local products that flirt with your taste… 

Kassandra, from N. Fokea to Paliouri is the blessed place that has it all! At a distance of 80 km from Thessaloniki one meets the hospitable N. Fokea and then the journey to the dream begins with the next stop the traditional Afitos, and then the cosmopolitan Kallithea. Next are the pine-covered Kriopigi, the picturesque Hanioti, the beautiful Polychrono and the famous Pefkochori. Immediately after the visitor arrives at the special Paliouri and from there ascends for the traditional Agia Paraskevi. Next stop is Nea Skioni, with its long history and beautiful beaches. Kalandra then welcomes the visitor offering unforgettable experiences followed by the beautiful Fourka and the verdant Kassandrino. The peninsula is dominated by Kassandria, which is the capital of the homonymous Municipality. 

The form you hold in your hands is a valuable guide for your vacation! Read it carefully and keep Cassandra in your heart!


Useful phone numbers:

Police 100 -

Kassandra Health Center 2374350000 

Municipality of Kassandra 2374350114

Ktel Halkidiki 2374022297

Kassandra Station 2374022214